Sub-processors & Partners

May 31st 2018, rev 1.

We work together with third-parties to provide our services. Some of them store or process data for us and are therefore sub-processors under the GDPR. We have entered a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with each of these processors and sub-processors to make sure all processing of personal data everywhere happens in compliance with the GDPR standards of data protection. You can find the list of all (sub-)processors we currently use for Papyrs here:

The following sub-processors are used for server and/or data hosting. All data is currently hosted in the EU.
  • TransIP. Servers, with data stored in NL.
  • Hetzner. Servers, with data stored in DE/FI.
  • AWS. Servers, with data stored in IE.
Support & Payments
  • Stripe. We use Stripe for collecting (credit card) payments. Only invoicing and subscription related data is shared with Stripe.
  • Google GSuite. We use GSuite to answer (customer support) emails.
  • Cloudflare. Used for content delivery of static digital assests of our website and Papyrs sites.
  • Mailgun. We use Mailgun to send email notifications, including notifications from your Papyrs site.
Others (optional, opt-in)
  • Google Analytics. Used to keep track of visitor statistics to our marketing site, with anonymization of IP-addresses. You can also turn on integration with your own Google Analytics account for your Papyrs site, however this is completely optional and turned off by default. In this sense, Google Analytics is not a direct sub-processor, although we have nevertheless signed a DPA.
  • We have also signed a DPA with Zapier, which is a tool to connect APIs of different apps, including Papyrs. Integration is turned off by default, however.